We are looking for a Graphic Designer who is able to create digital marketing solutions for our clients. He / She needs to be very collaborative in order to work with our team and create an innovative solution. The ideal candidate should have adequate knowledge of industry software. Plus, he or she has to be up to date with the latest designer trend and practices in the market. The must be very deadline oriented and must have the ability to deliver multiple projects on time. Graphic Designing is a complicated process and the candidates should be able to take criticism. They need to learn from this criticism and become even more strong-willed.

Here at R-Act, we believe in providing a high level of digital marketing services. To tackle the ever-changing nature of digital marketing, we hire fresh talent with a fire burning in their hearts. Therefore, every individual we hire is an ideal team player and loves digital marketing. We believe in picking the right man for the job and have the client as our primary focus. Our team of digital strategists will always pull through every expectation and our track record is enough to prove that.

Our ideal candidate is the one that sees challenges as mere platforms to improve himself. We need someone that knows how to communicate with the client and his teammates. We need some that embrace tough decisions making and don’t succumb under pressure.

Therefore, individuals that believe in empowering their teammates and strategies with the latest digital technology are humbly welcome. This position requires someone with quick wits, someone that knows what the client needs and has the ability to deliver it. We need someone that can solve every problem by implementing the ideal technology. As a rapidly expanding company, we offer an immersive platform with numerous opportunities and diverse projects.

Responsibilities of a Graphic Designer:

  • Creating stunning graphic designs for various web sites, emails, display ads, landing pages, and more
  • Able to meet with the clients and independently conduct a discussion on the objectives of the project at hand
  • Ability to apply the latest marketing strategies, branding techniques, and experiences to improve the design
  • Understanding the need of the client and presenting him with an adequate solution
  • Ability to conduct research on the client’s company and integrate the data into the design making
  • Development of the brand image that truly reflects the client’s expectations through photography and vibrant color pallets
  • Ability to work with and manage a team with other graphic designers, marketing specialists, web developers, and copywriters
  • Performing the tasks with a focus on the goals of the client, according to the given standards and raising the image of the agency

Requirements and Experience for a Graphic Designer:

  • The candidate must have at least 3 years of experience in developing various projects under the permanent employment of an agency
  • A background in digital marketing and web design with various platforms like CMS, HubSpot, and Word Press will be given preference
  • Adequate Knowledge and ability to implement designs focused on B2B marketing
  • Tech Savvy with knowledge in Adobe CC, Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator
  • Must have a good eye and keen mind for color choice, creative design, unique style, and font selection
  • Excellent problem-solving skill in term of creative designs
  • Excellent ability to organize all manners of work such as deadline of the project, communication with the team, and presentation to the client
  • Quick thinker, strong attention to detail, self-motivated, strong work ethics, and a sense of humor (preferred)


  • Bachelor’s Degree in Graphics, Arts or Communication is a must. Masters will be a plus.

We offer an exceptional learning environment with a highly experienced team. We are providing a long-term employment opportunity for the candidates, that are willing to be part of our expanding company. So, if you have the ideal skill that we require and have confidence in your ability to deliver. Then waste no time to apply right away and we will schedule you for an interview.

Interested? Excited? Please email your killer portfolio, resume, and cover letter and put Graphic Designer position in the subject line to jobs@r-act.com