We are looking for an SEO/SMM specialist to take on the key responsibilities of analyzing and implementing the latest optimization techniques. The ideal candidate is required to tweak the websites in order to make them easy recognizable by the search engine algorithm. The candidate should be aware of the latest trends and practices for keyword/phrase selection to increase traffic on the websites. While the SMM part of the job description includes the responsibilities to maintain the online presence of various businesses. The ideal candidate should have hands-on experience working on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

Here at R-ACT we believe in providing a high level of digital marketing services. To tackle the ever-changing nature of digital marketing, we hire fresh talent with a fire burning in their hearts. Therefore, every individual we hire is an ideal team player and loves digital marketing. We believe in picking the right man for the job and have the client as our primary focus. Our team of digital strategists will always pull through every expectation and our track record is enough to prove that.

Our ideal candidate is the one that sees challenges as mere platforms to improve himself. We need someone that knows how to communicate with the client and his teammates. We need some that embrace tough decisions making and don’t succumb under pressure.

Therefore, individuals that believe in empowering their teammates and strategies with the latest digital technology are humbly welcome. This position requires someone with quick wits, someone that knows what the client needs and has the ability to deliver it. We need someone that can solve every problem by implementing the ideal technology. As a rapidly expanding company, we offer an immersive platform with numerous opportunities and diverse projects.

Key Requirements:

  • The candidate must have prior experience in content marketing, growth and Search Engine Optimization
  • They must have a hand on working knowledge of the latest SEO practices
  • Ability to think quickly and strategically for time management
  • The ability to identify and resolve any problems hinders the process
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skill
  • Ability to work as part of a team and independently if required
  • Familiarity with Google analytics
  • Adequate Experience with various website optimization and development tools
  • Strong skills in terms of management, organization, and analytic
  • Ability to deliver on time while remaining within the budget


  • Conducting reviews and analysis on the client websites to identify the areas that need improvement
  • Preparing detailed strategy reports which have to deliver on a weekly basis
  • Identifying influential keywords in order to drive the most valuable traffic on to the website
  • Writing the calls-to-action phrases in order to convert visitors into permanent audience
  • Filling the websites with content that has effective keywords implemented in it
  • Writing effective content for blogs for the websites and social media accounts that is SEO optimized
  • Developing link building strategies> for Social Media Marketing
  • Analyzing and improving SEO techniques used by competitors
  • Staying up to date on both white hat and black hat strategies to avoid stay any penalty from the search engine
  • Running Pay Per Click campaigns for specified time periods
  • Compiling and presenting SEO guidelines

Required Education:

  • A Bachelor’s degree is preferable, with an experience worth 2 years or more. However, the candidates that fulfill the majority of the above-mentioned requirements can be given training if deem worthy.

We offer an exceptional learning environment with a highly experienced team. We are providing a long-term employment opportunity for the candidates, that are willing to be part of our expanding company. So, if you have the ideal skill that we require and have confidence in your ability to deliver. Then waste no time to apply right away and we will schedule you for an interview.

Interested? Excited? Please email your resume and cover letter and put SEO/SMM position in the subject line to jobs@r-act.com