As the digital market landscape is evolving rapidly, we all need to adapt quickly to the changes. With every passing day, the digital landscape is getting complex and the complexities are not easy to manage. All the internet connected businesses need to be aware of the changing trends of the digital landscape.

Here is your guide to ace the marketing trends for 2020:

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the new big thing which is being used to study consumer behavior and patterns. It also consumes data from the social media platforms and blog posts. Artificial intelligence is very useful in understanding the process through which customers find the products and services.


Chatbots is a must to create in this era of artificial intelligence. This is to serve the customers 24/7 whenever they need assistance. 80% of tech savvy businesses are fond of chatbots and have incorporated them to add more value to the customer experience. Being responsive is the key to grow in the digital space and chatbots are doing the job accurately.


Everyone loves a personalized experience. The businesses that give their customers a feel of knowingness, are a step ahead of their competitors. The main idea is to customize the content according to the buyers’ behavior, likes and dislikes, links clicked and previous purchase patterns, etc. it is as simple as serving the customer his favorite dishes without him ordering them.

Influencer Marketing

Today is the era of influencers, bloggers, socially active people. Businesses have considered this trend and have opted the idea of influencer marketing more eagerly than ever before. The trend id to pay the influencers to promote the brand, review it and then recommend it. their followers automatically will be prone towards the brand.

Social Messaging Apps

Social messaging apps are very useful in communicating the promotions, discounts and other important announcements to end user. Since people are using more and more time on social messaging apps, they have been an integral part of people’s routine life is the new trend to connect with the customer on the place where they love to spend their time.